Lydiard I & II Certification Courses for RRCA/USATF Coaches – November 4 – 6, 2016


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The new Lydiard Coaching Certificate Clinic Part I & II is the most sophisticated training method ever developed and the most widely used system worldwide by both recreational runners and champions.

This course gives detailed Theory and Application of Lydiard training, including the five energy developmental phases, the Lydiard Principles, and the essential timing considerations that prepare the runner for peak performances when it counts year after year. Most participants have an AHA! experience during this course and never go back to mono and mix-it-all-up training methods again.

FRIDAY - Day 1 Schedule - Seminar Forms & Shoes (Optional) and Opening Dinner

1:00 pm  Form & Shoes (Optional*)

4:00 pm  Introduction of Lydiard Foundation, instructor(s), and self

4:30 pm  Class starts; Historical Background, Worldwide Influence, Five Principles of Lydiard Training

6:00 pm  Dinner Break with Movie (“The Golden Hour“)

7:00 pm  Introducing On-line Lydiard Training

SATURDAY - Day 2 Schedule - Certification Course

9:00 am  Aerobic Development, Simple Physiology, Marathon Conditioning, Hill Training

12:00 pm  Lunch Break with Movie

1:00 pm   Anaerobic Training (Intervals), Integration Training (Coordination), Taper–the Art of Peaking, Q&A

2:00 pm  Workout Practice–Lydiard Hill Training

SUNDAY - Day 3 Schedule - Certification Course

9:00 am    Recovery Indicators

10:00 am  Planning Yearly Training Cycle, Racing Considerations, Post-Race Recovery

11:00 am  Workout Practice–50/50, Drills

12:00 pm  Lunch Break with Movie

1:00 pm  Review, Group Session–Case Studies, Multiple Questions (part of the exam)

3:30-13:00 pm   Closing Comments