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What happened to the mandates of 100 miles a week, seven days a week?

Originally Lydiard training was geared towards Lydiard’s runners who were all Olympic and National class runners. One hundred miles a week and 7 days a week training were the commitments they made to their training to become the best they could be. When Lydiard brought the training to cardiac patients and started the first jogging program he set high standards that were within their capabilities. This is the hallmark of a great coach – one who can personalize the program to the needs of the athlete. Lydiard advocated effective training, not a set of rules.

Don’t I have to train fast to get fast?

Ultimately yes. But if you go slower in the beginning of the pyramid you set yourself up to go much faster when it comes to race time.

I’m a social runner who enjoys racing. Training without racing isn’t an option. Does that mean Lydiard training is out for me?

Many runners just want to race every week and are not prepared to take the time to build a base. Lydiard training can be adapted to such runners by substituting some workouts for low-level races. However if you cannot sacrifice a few races for the long-term effects and run for instant gratification then the investment of a long-term approach to raise your game to a new level Lydiard training is probably not for you.

How true do you keep to the original training methods of Arthur Lydiard?

One of the aims of Lydiard Foundation is to preserve the integrity of Lydiard Training as Lydiard himself taught it. Lydiard training evolved over his 60 years of coaching, through trial and error. We have remained true to the structure and intent of the training.

What is the alumni option?

We reserve limited spaces in our classes for returning participants for just $125. Many returning attendees have taken in so much more information the second and third times around.  Alumni are asked to bring their own manual and updates will be provided.

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