Who was Arthur Lydiard?

Arthur Lydiard (1917-2004) was a legendary figure in the sport of running. A native of New Zealand, Lydiard was first a runner and later on a coach. His method of coaching and training helped transform the sport and is still widely used today. One of the great coaches of the world, Lydiard helped popularize running as the commonplace sport it is today.

Today, Lydiard’s legacy lives on through the work of the Lydiard Foundation. Its principal instructors Nobuya “Nobby” Hashizume and Lorraine Moller worked closely with Lydiard himself for many years. In the letter to follow, Arthur Lydiard endorses the expertise of both Hashizume and Moller and his joy at the continuing legacy of his method and passion for the sport of running.

Letter from
Arthur Lydiard

Order of British Empire
New Zealand Olympic Coach
Chief Coach, Finland A. A. Federation
Danish Olympic Coach
National Coach, Mexico
National Coach, Venezuela

Over the last couple of decades, I have been traveling around the world, preaching my training method.  I have traveled extensively through Europe, Asia and spent several months touring around the USA every summer in the 70’s and 80’s.  Nw as it becomes more and more difficult for me to move about, due to my health condition and artificial knees; there has been a growing need to accumulate and preserve my method in an easy-to-understand manner to a wider range of audience.

I am pleased to see this program taken up by a couple of my dedicated and trusting followers in the USA.  Nobuya “Nobby” Hashizume has been studying my training method since 1981 when he first write to me from Washington State where he was going to school.  He traveled to New Zealand and spent 12 months with me and my original runners and, upon returning to Japan, saved as a professional running coach for a Japanese corporate team.  Nobby has been one of the biggest promoters of my training method.  Lorraine Moller is one of the most celebrated female athletes New Zealand has ever produced, winning 16 international marathons during her long and prosperous 28 years of athletic career with the Olympic marathon bronze medal in 1992 at the age of 37.  She has employed my basic training principles ever since she was a teenager.  Lorraine has also been coaching a group of runners in the highland of Colorado on my training method with success.

I am confident that they could keep the legacy of the Lydiard Method and serve people who are eager to learn my training method for the next generations of great athlete.

All the best,

Arthur Lydiard

Arthur L. Lydiard

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This is a chapter from the classic book, “The Lonely Breed“, co-authored by Ron Clarke and Norman Harris. This article captures the essence of Arthur Lydiard, the man. We have reproduced it with a permission from Mr. Clarke.

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While I was skimming through all the archive articles in my file, I came across this one. I’m not quite sure where I got it but I felt that it was very appropriate as it summarizes the accomplishments of Arthur very well. Here it is with a few modifications.

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